Ontem eu deitei aos oitenta

Com pelancas na autoestima

Esclerose na experiência

Reconhecendo tudo que vinha


Acordei aos quatro outra vez

Não sabia mais nem me limpar

Mas aquilo que chamo de eu

Era ainda algo a inventar


Se esperança é uma espinha

Então tive treze todo o dia

E se a subversão é uma punheta

A liberdade é a filha da vizinha


Fim de tarde, no ápice, aos quarenta

Enlacei a tua mão na minha

A vida começou com um beijo terno

Retornei ao útero materno


This lyric is about ages. It’s a history in first person about someone which age changes according to his/her mood and feelings. In the first strophe s/he is 80 years old (going to bed, at night, not much hope, bone’s pain in the experience); in the second, 4 years old (awakening, in the morning, not much experience – s/he doesn’t know to clean her/his ass , a lot of hope, his/herself to create); in the third, 13 (during the day; when you’re 13 hope is like acne, if subversion is a handjob freedom is the neighbor daughter); in the last, 40 (in the sunset; life begins at 40, hand in hand, tender kiss, return to mother’s belly).

It was inspired by the Hayao Miyazaki’s movie Howl’s moving castle.

It’s about time, experience, spirit younger, construction/development of the self, life as a cycle.

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