Pra madeira não apodrecer

Contaminada de umidade

“Hay que secar y endurecer”

Deixar a seiva escorrer – e evaporar


Arder – ficar ao sol – arder

Arder – cair na pira – arder


Pro aço esticar, dobrar, não romper

Tensionar sobre a madeira e soar

Há que derreter e temperar

E aí palheta até o dedo queimar


Arder – fundir, incandescer

Arder – até reverberar


Pro corpo não azedar em amargor

Pra doçura nunca enjoar

Malagueta pra trazer calor

Jalapeño pra melhor respirar

Pro nosso sambar dar rock ´n roll

Pra secar até a gota o rancor

A gente pode mesmo se esfregar

Num esfrega-esfrega de arranhar


Arder – deixa a paixão arder

Arder – o corpo e alma – arder


This song is also about to give yourself up, to life and the present moment, to the things you love and want to do; to take risks. The metaphore, better said, the analogy here is made according to:

  • The five Chinese elements: water, earth, wood, metal and fire.
  • The way food works in this elements theory: water, sweat, acid, spicy, bitter.
  • the construction of a guitar (dry water from wood, use fire to make steel – strings)
  • a couple making love


so, in the first strophe: its necessary to dry the wood (make the water, the honey-dew, the sap flow) otherwise it get rot. In the second: only tempered steel (melt metal on fire and cold in water) can be bended and tensioned to reverb on wood. After that you can pick it till your fingers burn. In the third: some chilly can help the sadness, the anger, the fear and the bitter to flow and dry… to people clean their hurts, they must heat their contact make it “spicier”.


The chilly is an special element in the lyric, because in this Chinese tradition its acts against sadness.


There’s a lot of puns here too:

  • Apimentando o nosso: to put chilly (apimentar) is a brasilian expression that means to make things more alive, vivid, for example “apimentar a relação” is to heat a relationship, let the passion flow… at the same time we also say “pimenta no cu dos outros é refresco” (chilly in someone else’s ass is refreshing = people don’t consider problems serious if it’s someone else’s problems). The title is a joke using both ideas…
  • Temperar in portuguese means, at the same time: temper metal (make steel from iron, for example) and seasoning food.
  • “Cair na pira”: pira means at the same time pyre, the wood arrangement to set fire and idea… “cair na pira” is slang to go with the flow, follow a feeling or an idea.
  • “pro nosso samba dar rock ‘n roll”: when something is going right we can use the brasilian expression “vai dar samba” (we can make samba of it)- a positive meaning; samba is also used to say “it’s a mess”, in a negative way. The joke is to say we can go over the bad thing of life if we follow our passions: our mess can be transformed into something good: our samba can be transformed in rock ‘n roll.

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